The Scarborough News 6 September 2018

Restoration of Queen Victoria Statue completed

The Mayor and Mayoress attended the Civic Society event on the 28th of July to celebrate the completion of the Queen Victoria Statue restoration project. It was held on the 115th anniversary of the unveiling of the statue back in 1903 and the sun came out just on cue at 11am. Raising the money was hard work so when Maggie Flowitt quickly stepped in with a major donation in memory of her husband Richard who was the Vice Chairman of Scarborough Civic Society for many years it kick started the process. Then money flowed in with major donations from the Mayoress?s Community fund and Tesco Bags of Help. Other significant donations were received from The Lightbox, Bright?s the Jewellers, Central Tramway, Rebecca Shaw, Bonnie Purchon Tom Pindar, Richard Ward, Jean Glover, Chris Perry and Cllr. Andrew Jenkinson.

We also received many smaller donations which along with all the Civic Society events and raffles driven forward by Bonnie Purchon, combined  to make the project possible. 

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Many thanks for the donations

This could only have been achieved with the generous donations we received. Another project realised by the Civic Society

Scarborough Heritage Day

This was our stand at the Heritage Day held at the Library on May 12.

Good News

This week at a very lively Annual General Meeting a new committee was elected. The result is now clear to everyone. We have an executive committee which intends to move the society forward. 

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Historic England have announced that Bramcote Pavilion is Listed Grade II

Extracts from Historic England announcement:

The development of lawn tennis, the modern form of tennis, in the mid-late C19, saw large numbers of people taking up the sport across the country, an unusual aspect being that it was a game practiced by both sexes. The Bramcote Tennis Pavilion was built in 1885, just 10 years after the sport was introduced to the All England Club in Wimbledon. It is older than any other currently listed lawn tennis building, and given its early date for the sport must be one of the oldest surviving lawn tennis buildings in the world. The historical special interest of the pavilion is further confirmed by the fact that it was designed to include changing rooms for both sexes, marking a particularly significant social historical aspect of the sport.

Architecturally the building is also of special interest for its complex design, its intricate roof and its half-timbered, principal elevation, producing a charming building of considerable visual appeal. Indeed the building would be of special interest worthy of listing for its Arts and Crafts styling alone, being a particularly good example of the bungalow-with-veranda form of sports building which epitomised the late-Victorian and Edwardian period. Together with its clear historical special interest, the former Bramcote Tennis Pavilion unquestionably fulfils the criteria for listing in Grade II.


The former Bramcote Tennis Pavilion, a sports pavilion built 1885, is recommended for listing at Grade II for the following principal reasons:

Architectural interest:

* for its complex design, intricate roof and half-timbered principal elevation, producing a charming Arts and

Crafts influenced building of considerable visual appeal;

* as a particularly good example of the bungalow-with-veranda form of sports building which epitomised the late Victorian and Edwardian period.

Historic interest:

* as a very early and rare surviving purpose-built lawn tennis pavilion dating to the earliest days of the

modern sport, and therefore one of the earliest surviving lawn tennis buildings in the world;

* including changing rooms for both sexes, the building illustrates a particularly significant social historical aspect of the sport.

Final report on the Photo  Competition


Civic Day: What a day

As planned we unveiled our tribute to Oliver Sarony. All over the country similar events were held to celebrate our heritage and to remind people that this is the 50th anniversary of the first conservation areas being declared. So it?s was appropriate that we should be honouring one of Scarborough?s notable people in our Scarborough Conservation area. Lot?s of people came to see the Mayor do the honours and the board looks stunning. We even had a Sarony family member from Hong Kong! Pictures about the event in next weeks Scarborough News, so will be posted on this site asap.

A few of the attendees
picture by Mark Vesey

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Society receives a regional award from YHACS for the 2016 programme of activies.