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If Scarborough Rotary Club keeps some sort of "Roll of Honour" recording its achievements over the years, I trust that there is a special entry for the year 1964 when Rotary brought to birth the Scarborough and District Civic Society. 
President of Rotary then was Neville Gray, who tells how the idea came from a Civic Trust film he was shown, about what had been achieved by the Civic Society in Windsor. He was so impressed by it he became determined to do the same thing in Scarborough.
It is Rotary policy to kick start organization's which may benefit their locality, and once they are running under their own steam Rotary will withdraw and start work on something else.  Another Rotary achievement in Scarborough is the Flower Fund Homes.
A Public Meeting was called in the Library Concert Room.  A good deal of work was done beforehand to persuade people to support the new venture, and Meredith Whittaker became the first Chairman.