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Restoration and Maintenance of South Cliff Shelters in Association with SCARBOROUGH BOROUGH COUNCIL

Since 2005/2006 the Council and the Civic Society have been working together to restore and maintain the historic shelters in the South Cliff gardens.
There is little official documentation to hand, but there is a wealth of information available photographically which  features postcards and family snaps as well as larger images of Scarborough, taken by nationally renowned-photographers such as George Washington Wilson, James Valentine and Francis Frith, together with numerous local photographers of the Victorian and Edwardian eras up to the present day.   It is the information gathered from these sources which has made it possible to build a fairly accurate record of what the shelters originally looked like. Also by peeling layer upon layer of paint from damaged surfaces it has been possible to determine a colour scheme that is in harmony with the landscape. The painting scheme is based on three BS colours which can be applied to areas damaged or in need of re-painting whilst maintaining a unified and “un-botched” appearance.
These colours are:
Gardenia BS 10 B 15 Dulux High Gloss Trade.  U/C White.
Alpine BS 14 C 31 Dulux Trade High Gloss.  U/C White
Braemar BS 14 C 35 Dulux Trade High Gloss. U/C Light Grey.
When roof beams etc. are being retreated these should be given  an appropriate  sealant before  a protective top stain/treatment is applied.   Where new untreated wood is being painted a suitable wood primer should be applied before undercoating and glossing takes place.   It is essential that an undercoat is applied before any glossing, as past experience has shown that where only a gloss coat has been applied the paint easily peels and the work has to be repeated within a short period of time.

The purpose of this document   and the file below   is to aid those who become involved with the on-going maintenance of the shelters and to show the designated colour to be applied when painting takes place.

South Cliff Gardens Painting Scheme