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Blue Plaque Criteria

As a rule we try and follow the English Heritage guidelines for erecting blue plaques. These are:
Nominated figures must have been dead for 20 years or have passed the centenary of their birth.
Plaques can only be erected on the actual building inhabited by the nominated figure, not the site where the building once stood (we have not always been able to conform to this).
Buildings marked with plaques must be visible from the public highway.
Nominated figures must also meet one or more of the following criteria:
Be considered eminent by a majority of members of their own profession or calling.
Have made an important positive contribution to human welfare or happiness.
Be recognisable to the well informed passerby.
Deserve national recognition.
Have resided in a locality for a significant period of time or importance within their life and work.

Scarborough Blue Plaques                

Anne Bronte   writer    Grand Hotel, St Nicholas Cliff
Henry Barlow Carter  artist    16 York Place                                                                                                                                                        Henry Vandyke Carter artist and doctor   2 Belgrave Crescent
Sir George Cayley   'father' of aeronautics  Paradise House, Paradise
Sir Edwin Cooper  architect   Nelson St
Sir Edward James Harland shipbuilder   M&S Newborough
Stephen Joseph  founder of theatre in round Public Library, Vernon Rd
Charles Laughton  actor    The Victoria, Westborough
Frederic, Lord Leighton  artist    Brunswick Centre
Wilfred Owen   poet    Clifton Hotel, Queens Parade
Sir George & Lady Ida Sitwell, Edith, Osbert & Sacheverell Wood End, The Crescent*
Sir Sacheverell Sitwell  author    Bedford Hotel, Belvoir Terrace

Harry William Smith  engineer   41 Westbourne Grove
William 'Strata' Smith  'father' of English geology 1 Newborough
Thomas Hinderwell historian, The Sunken Gardens, St Nicholas Cliff
James Paul Moody 6th Officer of RMS Titanic 
* This one is attributed to the Borough of Scarborough rather than Scarborough & District Civic Society though it replaces an Civic Society ceramic one which possibly got damaged
On this link you can see many photographs of Scarborough Plaques which were taken by Chris Hall: