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Scarborough from the Sea 1867

John Wilson Carmichael 1799-1868

Additional Information

Construction of the East Pier, running southwest from the viewpoint, started in 1752 and was not completed until 1826.  The massive stones used in its construction, weighing up to 30 tons apiece, were quarried locally and positioned manually.  John Smeaton’s design withstood North Sea gales until March 2002 when a scheme was implemented to strengthen and protect the structure with rock armour and concrete accropodes.           

On a clear day Filey Brigg and, most distant, Flamborough Head, are visible to the southeast.  Due south can be seen the now landscaped mud slide that caused the destruction of the Holbeck Hall Hotel in June 1993.  The base is now protected from wave erosion by rock armour. 

To the north the South Toll House, built in 1900, still stands although tolls for pedestrians and vehicles were abolished in 1950. 

Directions to Location 3

Go down the steps back to Sandside and walk a short way along Old (Vincent’s) Pier towards the lighthouse tower, the lectern is on the right.

Wheelchair users will need to retrace the route to the north of the Toll House and then make a U-turn.